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    مرا داد فرمود و     خود داور است 

     Written On The Medallion

     Iranian Imperial Medallion And Chain 

    (Pahlavi Darbar Flag)

     Unique And Elegant 

    This Is A Copy Of Original One 

    Exactly The Same Size And Details

    Lead free, Nickel Free 

    18K Gold Plating Over Brass  

    Color Doesn't Change Or Tarnish 

     Diameter : 5cm 


    Crown On The Top

    Two Lion With Sword Guarding From Sides 

    In The Middle : Farvahar And Sun On The Top Right 

    Lion And Sun On The Top Left

    Simorq , Down On The Right 

    Sword And Star, Down On The Left 

    And The Middle Part Is Damavand Mountain

    The Last Part Is This Nice Poem 

    مرا داد فرمود و     خود داور است 

     Persian Symbols

    All In One Charm 

    High Quality Made In The USA

    Comes With A 24" Thick Chain 

    But I Can Make It Any Size You Need

    Comes In A Nice Black Box

    You Would Love It Otherwise Return It For

     Full Refund 

    Nice Memorial Gift For Iranian