• Iranian Persian King Pahlavi Flag Darbar Medallion Necklace



    مرا داد فرمود و     خود داور است 

     Written On The Medallion

     Iranian Imperial Medallion And Chain 

    (Pahlavi Darbar Flag)

     Unique And Elegant 

    This Is A Copy Of Original One 

    Exactly The Same Size And Details

    Lead free, Nickel Free 

    18K Gold Plating Over Brass  

    Color Doesn't Change Or Tarnish 

     Diameter : 5cm 


    Crown On The Top

    Two Lion With Sword Guarding From Sides 

    In The Middle : Farvahar And Sun On The Top Right 

    Lion And Sun On The Top Left

    Simorq , Down On The Right 

    Sword And Star, Down On The Left 

    And The Middle Part Is Damavand Mountain

    The Last Part Is This Nice Poem 

    مرا داد فرمود و     خود داور است 

     Persian Symbols

    All In One Charm 

    High Quality Made In The USA

    Designed By Manmade Turquoise Beads

    You Would Love It Otherwise Return It For

     Full Refund 

    Nice Memorial Gift For Iranian